Sunday, March 12, 2006

Reduced to Blogging About Work

But I'm not ashamed... Here's the deal - a number of workmates are headed down to Austin this week for South By Southwest. We talked them (twisted their arms, really) into blogging about their adventures in the lone star state. First up is Third Coast producer Roman Mars (speaking of divination, Roman is on a panel about the future of radio—I just hope he brings his ipod). By the look of his first few posts, I'm guessing this guy has a secret blog he's not telling us about. Already, he has the quote of the week:
Blogging and web design are a lot like rock n' roll and cinema, but the creatives behind them are even pastier, with even more limited upper body strength.
Well said, Roman! Later in the week, Robin Linn from Sound Opinions will be trying to follow Roman's act by telling the world how if feels to produce the world's only rock and roll talk show (TM). Be sure to check back to the blog throughout the week for all the hot gossip from the conference (I told Robin I want the really really super hot gossip about popstar Jessica Simpson. "Do whatever is necessary to obtain this information!" Maybe there's a session on it? Maybe I could be a panelist!? maybe...).