Sunday, November 27, 2005

The politics of my sweet tooth

The more I think about it, the Illinois Republican Party is clearly responsible for my dental problems. Oberweis dairy just opened a store in the neighborhood, and they make amazing ice cream. It's become like vanilla crack for me. The downside is this... the Chair of Oberweis diary (and heir to the family fortune) is one Jim Oberweis, an extremely conservative republican who has run for Senate, and is now a candidate for Governor in Illinois. And as good as the ice cream is.... Jim is just as bad. And it's clear that the money I spend there just adds to the campaign coffers. At Thanksgiving dinner, I served Oberweis ice cream (served with my homemade apple pie) and was scolded by my guests! Sigh... I know it's wrong, but anti-immigrant fascism never tasted so good.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

So this is how you people live...

After 32 years of smug self-satisfaction, I finally joined the cavity club. I have based my entire superiority complex on the fact that my teeth were unmarred by fillings. But the streak came to an end this week. Sigh.... Now what? What's the point of oral hygiene if not perfection? Why floss or brush? I now know the sound of the drill, the horrid lights of the torture chair, and have been reduced to a post-procedure drooling idiot. On the walk home, people stopped to give me money thinking I was a half-wit. Thanksgiving? Thanks for nothing, teeth.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

No News Really Is Good News

I have a couple of friends who went to New Zealand for a month. While away, they lost complete touch with the news of the world - the war, the election, the politics, the murders. Upon their return, they decided to remain out of touch - no tv news, no newspapers, no news magazines. They went all pop culture. They were happy to talk about movies, television, the weather... but if you tried to start a conversation about any sort of serious news, they would stop you dead in your tracks. They just didn't want to hear about it.

That's basically what my last week has been. After 8 years of combing the newspaper looking for story ideas for work, I've decided to go straight to the fluff sections of the paper each morning. I am up on all the holiday movies coming down the pipe. I know which gadgets would make great presents this season. My new tv station... The food channel. They don't judge me.... and that Bobby Flay is unbeatable on Iron Chef America!

So for now, you can keep your "Judith Miller", your "Supreme Court", and your "Euro race riots". I'm sure I'll eventually get back into the news - but I can't talk right now, Barefoot Contessa is on.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pluperfect is a big word.

Steve Johnson, who is now covering the internet beat for the Chicago Tribune, has a piece today on how blogging is ruining workplace productivity. 40 minutes a day is the estimate bandied about for the time spent on blogs. It is, sayeth Mr. Johnson, "the pluperfect medium for not working" because from 20 paces, it looks to the boss as if you are hard at work. All readers (especially public radio management) please note the time this post was published, and no, I'm not at work.


Halloween was a big hit.

10/31/05: The day I was called a silly yokum.

So I wake up at 5 am on Monday and drag myself into work just so I can go on the radio and beg for money. That's all fine - I'm happy to do it, believe in the cause, etc etc... But later in the day, I check out the listener comment board and see this
I am listening this morning after the new supreme court nomination; and your pledge drive is filled with silly yokums putting on a dog and pony show; they are political/news idiots. I listen to WNYC via streaming and they never act so silly/stupid/irrelevent. Their are major issues on the line isn't time to act like a news organization.
Wow, if they think I'm a "politcal/news idiot" now, wait 'til they see this blog. I admit to being, at times, a tad enthusiastic on the air, but "silly/stupid/irrelevant"? I can't see it. And to pour salt in the wounds, they have to throw in the comparison to New York City's public radio station. Sure, EVERYTHING is better in NYC, even the pledge drives. I beg to differ.

ps- Looking at the way the grammar was breaking down in the last sentence makes me think they were actually really upset.