Thursday, October 27, 2005

Really, what does the "html" stand for anyway?

So I'm impersonating a web geek at my new position. The results ain't half bad. I'm also impersonating a journalist in my spare time (results debatable), so you can see that it's been a busy week. I was hoping for two paychecks in light of conditions, but the paperwork probably hasn't gone through yet. The heavy load has also affected my co-workers. They've also been hard at it, and it's obviously taking it toll on the blogosphere. To make it through, I have doing some heavy buzz management lately - caffeine and cold medicine really seems to strike the right balance. I feel picked up, while calmed down. Patent pending!

As for the world at large, here are my thoughts.
- The White Sox... what can I say? I was there with you all season. I was one of 155 people who came to your game on June 3rd (Ozzie, I was the one razzing you!). Of course, I know the ins and outs of all the players... like good old what's his name on first base. Dude, now that you've won, ditch the goatee and go handlebar - Piazza is ready to go cruising. Or what about the weasely looking one who plays catcher? wow would I hate to be stuck at a dinner table with him. Now that you are world champs, I feel like my sour grapes can start again. Don't forget, my support made your run to glory possible

- I don't want the Harriet Miers nomination withdrawn... the confirmation hearings would send my shares of C-Span stock sky-high!

- Cheney! You sly dog! It was you all along. Wow, am I glad you don't play with my poker crew. Hard. To. Read. You really had me going for 6 years.

PS - If on Friday evening between 5-7 pm, you suddenly get the urge to donate money to public radio... pay no attention to man behind the curtain. Okay, Im outta here. AIM 'ya later!

Monday, October 24, 2005

V is for Victory!

A great sports weekend in Chicago! The White Sox won games 1 & 2 of the World Series, the Bears beat the Ravens 10-6, and the Chicago Fire..... wait, let me check the paper.... nope, not on page 1, page 2.... let me check the Sun Times.. no, not there either... ok, let me check on nope.... ok what about well, here's some high school scores, English premier league schedule, world cup qualifiers... Aha! MLS scores - The Fire tied D.C. United 0-0. The excitement is palpable.

I am secure in my fanhood.
While I am a Cubs fan, I have been a backing the Sox during the World Series. It's wasn't easy to get over my resentment and jealousy of their success. But I got all zen and let go of my sports ego, and I have now embraced that "right now" thing I read about in Yoga Magazine while standing in line at Whole Foods. But, now I am being ridiculed for my civic boosterism. I got a call last night from a die hard Sox fan saying there is a new term for people like me - cubs fans who are switch hitting for the series: bisoxual. Take your hate crimes somewhere else.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

You are the controller of your destiny

I had to run an errand in the middle of the day. It was nearly 2 pm and I hadn't eaten all day, so I was starving. I picked up some Thai food on the way back to work, and the nice lady at the register threw in some cookies. Driving down Grand Ave., I grabbed the cookies out of the bag for a quick snack. The cookie looked innocent enough - it was sort of tubular in shape and smelled of vanilla and almonds. I popped it in my mouth and it was delicious! But on the 4th or 5th chew, I realized something was very, very wrong. What should have been sugary and sweet had grown a little tough.

It turns out I was eating some twisted Thai fortune cookie! So there I was, at the corner of Grand and Halsted, digging the fortune out of my cookie laden mouth. The trixie in the Jetta next to me was practically gagging more than I was. Seriously, since when do you get a fortune cookie with Thai food?

As for the fortune: "You are the controller of your destiny. Lucky numbers: 02, 05, 10, 13, 26, 50. I saved it to share with all of you. You're welcome.

Oh, Johnny!

I love fan mail! Johnny just visited my blog. He thinks it's great. He also wants me to know that he can help me with my settlement loans and bankruptcy procedures. He hopes I find this information useful. He tells me to keep up the good work. Thanks, Johnny! Keep 'em coming.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Where can I find the philosophy section?

Is it the facial hair that makes Saddam look so friendly these days?

So I, too, have grown a beard. I like to think of it as a visual break with the past. Many people assume that it has something to do with the "I've lost everything and nobody loves me" self-pity shame spiral I've fallen into since the end of Odyssey. Others just think I'm on an extended bender. The fact that I used a picture of a ruthless egomaniac for this post makes me think the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

The point of the story - With the new job, I've had to get my head around some web design principles, learn some code, and tackle assorted new skills that honestly make my head hurt at the end of the day. Seeking a remedy, I stopped at the bookstore on the way home to flip through some books in the "computer/technology" section. Twice while I was there, people came up to me and asked me for information about where to find a book. Now I'm the first to admit that I do not wear a suit and tie to work - but this kind of thing has never happened to me before. Then it hit me. It's gotta be the beard. I wasn't sure how to feel. What image was I putting forth??? "Bookstore guy" wasn't really what I was shooting for. I guess it's got to be longer (and with round glasses, of course) for the campus revolutionary intelligentsia look. And much much longer for the mad professor who's too-caught-up-in-his-work-to-groom thing. I'll have to really put some thought into this before someone asks me at the coffee shop for a non-fat double tall.

The worst part of the whole story... I told them where to find their books.

Monday, October 17, 2005

If this radio thing doesn't work out.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Look what the cat dragged in.

When I returned to the city, my father was in Chicago thanks to a 36 hour layover on his way to Europe. As you can see, he made himself right at home. His first stop will be Amsterdam for a few days, followed by 10 days in Berlin - visiting my sister at the American Sector's European bureau headquarters. (Maybe he'll get me some pictures of everybody's favorite sign while he's there. If not, a few local souvenirs would make a son happy).

Anyway, my dad worked in Chicago most of his life and it has been ten years since his last visit. So it was fun to see his reactions to how the neighborhood has changed. And he got to see an old friend or two, and had some good laughs.

I heart curries. Always in search of the perfect panang curry. I almost found it the other night when we went to a new Thai place on the 1100 block of West Grand Ave called Butterfly. Wow, was the food fantastic and cheap. I had the panang, my dad had the red curry, and Audra had a yellow like curry that tasted almost Indian. Right now the place is still byob. So run, don't walk. I don't know how long prices will stay low.

Better Lucky than Good
Here is my chance to talk about the White Sox. My dad came into town really excited about the Sox. I had not really paid attention all year, so as we watched Game 1, I had no idea about the names of players, who was a good, or who was a bum. So there we were - my dad telling me all about my hometown team. I felt like I was in some David Sedaris essay where the father is ashamed and disappointed that he and his gay son can't bond over a ball game. Except my dad didn't really care all that much, and I'm.... well... you know. As for the game itself - the White Sox were unable to bunt the ball on two key sequences and lost the game because of it. Last night, a bad call wins them the game. I'm sorry Chicago, but so far I am unimpressed with your American League franchise.

All work and no play makes Josh a dull boy

Look closely - it's just like that picture at the end of the Shining.

I'm back from a much needed week away from work and the big city. I got to do some sailing (pictured), carved some pumpkins (just warming up for the big day), and I even baked an apple pie. But hey, it's great to be back in a dark, windowless office. I've got a lot of carpal tunnel to catch up on!

Whole Paycheck
Needing apples for my pie, I figured the local orchards would be a good place to stop. Now a roadside fruit stand is supposed to be where you find the bargains, right? And yes, I found bushels upon bushels of inexpensive apples. But one variety stood out - the Honeycrisp. The Honeycrisp was developed in the 1960's by the University of Minnesota, and has become like crack to local apple buyers in Michigan. But the downside is that this little gem of an apple runs $5 for a basket of about 8 apples. It was like being back in the Whole Foods on North Ave. Of course, what does a city boy do? Curiosity gets the best of him and he buys the damn apples. But I must admit... diagnosis: delicious.

The revolution will be televised on very very small screens
Speaking of apples.... Apple's got to stop with all this picture/video ipod b.s. Steve Jobs, here's the deal... I want to listen to music with your little device - end of story. I don't want to want to watch my Gilmore Girls on your 2 inch screen. I am the proud owner of a 27 inch television that sits in my living room, and I plan to use that to watch videos, movies, and the adventures of Rory and Lauralie.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

O Negative

I have the best blood ever! At least that's what the vampires at Lifesource tell me. Apparently I am a "universal donor", so anyone out there can drink my blood, or receive a transfusion if that's what's needed. As a result, I'm down a pint - and man does the wine taste good tonight. I could blog all night if it wasn't for the light dizziness. Does anyone have some heavy machinery I can operate?

As you may have noticed, no blogging for 5 days. My excuse: Comcast. Sure I could blame the post Odyssey bender. But no, I'll point the puffy finger of blame at Comcast. I had no service all weekend. Try explaining the lack of Disney channel on a Saturday morning to a ten yr old when you're hung over. Not fun.

Recognizing the state I'm in, I won't even try to take a stab at news analysis (or linking). So instead I will let everyone out there know where I stand on the White Sox. It's not that I hate them - it's just that I really can't watch American League baseball. It's a horrid sport, with no tact or strategy. If the WSox make it to the World Series... sure, I'll pull for them. But until then, I'll stay out of the crosstown bickering that has enveloped Chicago.