Friday, December 02, 2005

The Iraqi Ring of Fire

Ok, I'm back to watching the news and reading the paper. It was a siren calling me, and I can resist most things - but not temptation. Last night I was watching the BBC news on tee-vee and there was this short little story about the preparedness of the Iraqi army. As they went over the usual disagreements over American withdrawal, what went unmentioned was the video footage that was running in the background. Iraqi troops, in what I believe was meant to be a training exercise, were jumping through flaming hoops! One after the other - running ten paces, leaping through the ring of fire, and finishing with a dramatic somersault. Then the footage switched to hand to hand combat - the foot on the chest, roll back and flip your opponent kind of move. No doubt about it, these guys are ready to rumble. Maybe they need to go up against Lynda Carter and Gabe Kaplan on the obstacle course.