Sunday, November 27, 2005

The politics of my sweet tooth

The more I think about it, the Illinois Republican Party is clearly responsible for my dental problems. Oberweis dairy just opened a store in the neighborhood, and they make amazing ice cream. It's become like vanilla crack for me. The downside is this... the Chair of Oberweis diary (and heir to the family fortune) is one Jim Oberweis, an extremely conservative republican who has run for Senate, and is now a candidate for Governor in Illinois. And as good as the ice cream is.... Jim is just as bad. And it's clear that the money I spend there just adds to the campaign coffers. At Thanksgiving dinner, I served Oberweis ice cream (served with my homemade apple pie) and was scolded by my guests! Sigh... I know it's wrong, but anti-immigrant fascism never tasted so good.