Thursday, November 10, 2005

No News Really Is Good News

I have a couple of friends who went to New Zealand for a month. While away, they lost complete touch with the news of the world - the war, the election, the politics, the murders. Upon their return, they decided to remain out of touch - no tv news, no newspapers, no news magazines. They went all pop culture. They were happy to talk about movies, television, the weather... but if you tried to start a conversation about any sort of serious news, they would stop you dead in your tracks. They just didn't want to hear about it.

That's basically what my last week has been. After 8 years of combing the newspaper looking for story ideas for work, I've decided to go straight to the fluff sections of the paper each morning. I am up on all the holiday movies coming down the pipe. I know which gadgets would make great presents this season. My new tv station... The food channel. They don't judge me.... and that Bobby Flay is unbeatable on Iron Chef America!

So for now, you can keep your "Judith Miller", your "Supreme Court", and your "Euro race riots". I'm sure I'll eventually get back into the news - but I can't talk right now, Barefoot Contessa is on.