Tuesday, November 01, 2005

10/31/05: The day I was called a silly yokum.

So I wake up at 5 am on Monday and drag myself into work just so I can go on the radio and beg for money. That's all fine - I'm happy to do it, believe in the cause, etc etc... But later in the day, I check out the listener comment board and see this
I am listening this morning after the new supreme court nomination; and your pledge drive is filled with silly yokums putting on a dog and pony show; they are political/news idiots. I listen to WNYC via streaming and they never act so silly/stupid/irrelevent. Their are major issues on the line isn't time to act like a news organization.
Wow, if they think I'm a "politcal/news idiot" now, wait 'til they see this blog. I admit to being, at times, a tad enthusiastic on the air, but "silly/stupid/irrelevant"? I can't see it. And to pour salt in the wounds, they have to throw in the comparison to New York City's public radio station. Sure, EVERYTHING is better in NYC, even the pledge drives. I beg to differ.

ps- Looking at the way the grammar was breaking down in the last sentence makes me think they were actually really upset.