Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Where can I find the philosophy section?

Is it the facial hair that makes Saddam look so friendly these days?

So I, too, have grown a beard. I like to think of it as a visual break with the past. Many people assume that it has something to do with the "I've lost everything and nobody loves me" self-pity shame spiral I've fallen into since the end of Odyssey. Others just think I'm on an extended bender. The fact that I used a picture of a ruthless egomaniac for this post makes me think the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

The point of the story - With the new job, I've had to get my head around some web design principles, learn some code, and tackle assorted new skills that honestly make my head hurt at the end of the day. Seeking a remedy, I stopped at the bookstore on the way home to flip through some books in the "computer/technology" section. Twice while I was there, people came up to me and asked me for information about where to find a book. Now I'm the first to admit that I do not wear a suit and tie to work - but this kind of thing has never happened to me before. Then it hit me. It's gotta be the beard. I wasn't sure how to feel. What image was I putting forth??? "Bookstore guy" wasn't really what I was shooting for. I guess it's got to be longer (and with round glasses, of course) for the campus revolutionary intelligentsia look. And much much longer for the mad professor who's too-caught-up-in-his-work-to-groom thing. I'll have to really put some thought into this before someone asks me at the coffee shop for a non-fat double tall.

The worst part of the whole story... I told them where to find their books.