Thursday, October 27, 2005

Really, what does the "html" stand for anyway?

So I'm impersonating a web geek at my new position. The results ain't half bad. I'm also impersonating a journalist in my spare time (results debatable), so you can see that it's been a busy week. I was hoping for two paychecks in light of conditions, but the paperwork probably hasn't gone through yet. The heavy load has also affected my co-workers. They've also been hard at it, and it's obviously taking it toll on the blogosphere. To make it through, I have doing some heavy buzz management lately - caffeine and cold medicine really seems to strike the right balance. I feel picked up, while calmed down. Patent pending!

As for the world at large, here are my thoughts.
- The White Sox... what can I say? I was there with you all season. I was one of 155 people who came to your game on June 3rd (Ozzie, I was the one razzing you!). Of course, I know the ins and outs of all the players... like good old what's his name on first base. Dude, now that you've won, ditch the goatee and go handlebar - Piazza is ready to go cruising. Or what about the weasely looking one who plays catcher? wow would I hate to be stuck at a dinner table with him. Now that you are world champs, I feel like my sour grapes can start again. Don't forget, my support made your run to glory possible

- I don't want the Harriet Miers nomination withdrawn... the confirmation hearings would send my shares of C-Span stock sky-high!

- Cheney! You sly dog! It was you all along. Wow, am I glad you don't play with my poker crew. Hard. To. Read. You really had me going for 6 years.

PS - If on Friday evening between 5-7 pm, you suddenly get the urge to donate money to public radio... pay no attention to man behind the curtain. Okay, Im outta here. AIM 'ya later!