Tuesday, October 04, 2005

O Negative

I have the best blood ever! At least that's what the vampires at Lifesource tell me. Apparently I am a "universal donor", so anyone out there can drink my blood, or receive a transfusion if that's what's needed. As a result, I'm down a pint - and man does the wine taste good tonight. I could blog all night if it wasn't for the light dizziness. Does anyone have some heavy machinery I can operate?

As you may have noticed, no blogging for 5 days. My excuse: Comcast. Sure I could blame the post Odyssey bender. But no, I'll point the puffy finger of blame at Comcast. I had no service all weekend. Try explaining the lack of Disney channel on a Saturday morning to a ten yr old when you're hung over. Not fun.

Recognizing the state I'm in, I won't even try to take a stab at news analysis (or linking). So instead I will let everyone out there know where I stand on the White Sox. It's not that I hate them - it's just that I really can't watch American League baseball. It's a horrid sport, with no tact or strategy. If the WSox make it to the World Series... sure, I'll pull for them. But until then, I'll stay out of the crosstown bickering that has enveloped Chicago.