Thursday, October 13, 2005

Look what the cat dragged in.

When I returned to the city, my father was in Chicago thanks to a 36 hour layover on his way to Europe. As you can see, he made himself right at home. His first stop will be Amsterdam for a few days, followed by 10 days in Berlin - visiting my sister at the American Sector's European bureau headquarters. (Maybe he'll get me some pictures of everybody's favorite sign while he's there. If not, a few local souvenirs would make a son happy).

Anyway, my dad worked in Chicago most of his life and it has been ten years since his last visit. So it was fun to see his reactions to how the neighborhood has changed. And he got to see an old friend or two, and had some good laughs.

I heart curries. Always in search of the perfect panang curry. I almost found it the other night when we went to a new Thai place on the 1100 block of West Grand Ave called Butterfly. Wow, was the food fantastic and cheap. I had the panang, my dad had the red curry, and Audra had a yellow like curry that tasted almost Indian. Right now the place is still byob. So run, don't walk. I don't know how long prices will stay low.

Better Lucky than Good
Here is my chance to talk about the White Sox. My dad came into town really excited about the Sox. I had not really paid attention all year, so as we watched Game 1, I had no idea about the names of players, who was a good, or who was a bum. So there we were - my dad telling me all about my hometown team. I felt like I was in some David Sedaris essay where the father is ashamed and disappointed that he and his gay son can't bond over a ball game. Except my dad didn't really care all that much, and I'm.... well... you know. As for the game itself - the White Sox were unable to bunt the ball on two key sequences and lost the game because of it. Last night, a bad call wins them the game. I'm sorry Chicago, but so far I am unimpressed with your American League franchise.