Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pretend I'm a banana and you're a monkey - what kind of judge would that make you?

Well, it's finally over, and let me tell you... I had a great time listening to the John Roberts hearings. The Dems are still not sure what to do with the nomination, but I'm not here to gaze into my crystal ball. Instead, lets hand out some awards!

Best question ever: Charles Schumer

"So let me ask you, if you were sitting here, what question would you ask John Roberts so that you or us could be sure that we weren't nominating what I call an ideologue, someone who you might define as somebody who wants to make law not interpret law? And then how would you answer the question you asked yourself?"

Runner up, best question ever: Tom "Crossword" Coburn

"Would you agree that the opposite of being dead is being alive?"

Best live blogging moment from the hearings: Tom at SCOTUSblog

"12:54 - John Lewis gives Peter Kirsanow the stare of death."

Only favorite movie choice safer than the ones Roberts listed:

It's a Wonderful Life

A few movies that could have derailed the nomination:
Salo: 120 days of Sodom, Bad Lieutenant, and Ice Princess.

Best testimony by the only person I know at the hearings and therefore must drop his name:
David Strauss. (Hi David, it's me.. Josh... you know, from the radio station.... Hey I just wanted to call and let you know I saw you on TV today! Yeah, I bet everyone's calling to tell you that. But really, we should get together sometime 'cause I was looking at your cv, and we share the same birthday! Oh, you're too busy? ok... Hey maybe you could link to my blog from your.... hello?)