Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I'm suffering blogger's block this week - so I here's a lazy list of links. This way, it at least looks like I'm blogging.

Hang The DJ!
Why hire a DJ or live band for your wedding when you can just plug in your Ipod? Will this be the end of the Wedding Singer? Legend has it that my cousin Anna had her DJ sign a contract stating that if he played the chicken dance or the macarena he would not be paid. (Via CNet News)

Speaking of the Ipod...
Best reaction to the release of Ipod Nano - the Onion:
"At last, after years of false hope and empty promises, I can finally shove 1,000 songs up my ass."

Pay no heed to the Google behind the curtain!
Google, are you friend or foe? I generally heart all things google, but they seem to have some big big big plans for world domination. After they finish cataloging all of mankind's knowledge, they'd also like to be your ISP. As long as it's free, I will do whatever you tell me to, oh powerful google.

That's all I've got right now. Great.