Sunday, August 21, 2005

Zapruder's got nothing on me.

Photo taken from the grassy knoll.

Tomorrow the world will surely be abuzz with the publication of this photo. It turns out the rumored Ira Glass/Gretchen Helfrich karaoke duet actually took place - and The American Sector's got the exclusive goods. I've already called the NY Post to see if they want to run it. The editor said "Public what?" "RADIO" I replied, "Yes - like Howard Stern, just a little different." They're taking a wait-and-see attitude for now. Next, I called the Tribune. "Listen, I know you guys own one of the largest and most powerful commercial AM stations in the country, but these two are not just the competition, they are local celebrities.... hello?" Undaunted, I called Streetwise... they hit me up for a dollar and told me they'd give me an answer in the morning.

photo by Andie T.