Monday, August 15, 2005

Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart.

Musical theater has always frightened me. As a child I was subjected to a live performance of a young Jim Belushi in the lead role of Pirates of Penzance (shiver....). Then in the 7th grade, my mother would play the cassette soundtrack to Big River every day as she drove me to school - and I can still recite all the lyrics for you. But in recent years, this once dying art form has risen from the ashes by jamming with the oldies. There's Billy Joel, Abba, The Beach Boys, a new Lennon musical, and now the Grateful Dead! Yes, that's right..the Dead. So skip the shower, put on some patchouli oil, and head down to see Shakedown Street. Here's the kicker. They have taken the songs of the Grateful Dead and placed them in a neo-noir comedy-thriller set in 1940's San Francisco. Could they get any higher?

PS - Not worth its own post - but check out Donald Trumps blog! (via Online News Squared)