Sunday, July 10, 2005

What do you do with a German dentist?

Drink the kool-aid.

This weekend we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Rainer Seemann, dds, who had a day-long layover in Chicago on his way back to Berlin. He was in the States for a European dental conference held in Indianapolis (yes, strange but true). While in Millennium Park, we came across the bizarre scene pictured above. The members of some "group" were in the midst of a slow procession through the gardens. There lots of waving arms and new-age music all about. It seemed a little suspicious, if you ask me.

Later we did a great tour of contrasts while in hot pursuit of some souvenirs for two little Berliners. First, we hit the obvious - the Disney store on Michigan Ave. Then we hopped the Chicago bus out to Rotofugi for some toys with a little more....character.

P.S. - If anyone know what the hell is going on in that picture, please please let me know.