Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A New Companion on your Op-Ed Page.

These summer days when strawberries are in their prime seem to bring out the kindness in people.

So begins Garrison Keillor's new column in the Op-Ed pages of the Chicago Tribune.

But somebody must have grown these strawberries, and they are at their prime now, and we should enjoy them fully. The ones in September aren't nearly so good.

And so ends what may be the most pointless op-ed article I have ever read. Not much else happens in the 7oo-plus words that appear. There is some vague opposition to same sex marriage, but he seems to think it's an attempt to save money on clothing. So we're left with Keillor's familiar ramblings - minus his silky smooth baritone. There may be a place for this kind of thing on the radio dial
(a well-established, immovable, immutable place), but Garrison.... from one radio dude to another, you need to get yourself a blog.

Update! Maybe Keillor's got no time to blog because he's filming a movie based on his radio show.

In other public radio celebrity/op-ed writer news... For the next two weeks, Sarah Vowell will be calling it like she sees it in the NYT.