Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Detailed Notes are the New Digital Photographs

I packed everything for my 4 day vacation. The car looked like I was going away for a month. I had my swimsuit, my frisbee, my flipflops and sunscreen. I had my golf clubs, my ipod, my book and my toothbrush. I had my daughter's backpack, her sidewalk chalk, even her doll's clothes. What I did not bring was my camera. So I am forced to use mere prose to tell you the highlights of my trip.
*On the way there I bought a new American flag for the house at Walmart. Was shocked at how much it cost (19.99!), and I am still not sure whether it was made in the USA.
* I hung out with a dog who was run over by a bulldozer last week and lived to bark about it. Totally serious.
*Sandcastles and softserve ice cream with the little one.
*Didn't read a word of my book.
*Received a call Tuesday morning and was told I needed to be back at work in 3 1/2 hours, and the drive back takes at least 4. I was 15 minutes late. Awwww yeah..... You can't catch me, Fuzz!