Sunday, June 26, 2005

Tim Russert Scores Free Tickets to Live 8

Guess who followed Donald Rumsfeld on Meet the Press? Make way for Bono! Awwww yeah... Bono went one-on-one with Tim Russert (aka, lil' Big Russ) this morning for a lengthy chat on global poverty, AIDs, Africa, debt relief, and who's a better producer: Brian Eno or Daniel Lanois? U2's frontman is doing the media rounds to promote higher financial commitments to African aid at the upcoming G8 summit in Scotland. I know this is where I am supposed to ironically insult Bono for his save-the-world attitude, but I have to admit the man is damn good at his job (move over Barack, there's a new heart throb in town). Bono has become quite savvy with his politics - and he openly admits that the US cannot and will not be scorned into giving more money. His new plan of attack: Love. He heaped the love on Bush - claiming the President wants to help out, but his advisors just won't let him. It's just so fun and easy to blame Rove.