Thursday, June 23, 2005

Take My House, Please

Oh, it's on at the Supreme Court. Decisions are starting to come in fast and furious as we near the end of the term (and the end of Rehnquist?) Today, in a 5-4 decision, the justices ruled that the city of New London, CT can seize a residential neighborhood to make way for a new business development. Up to now, legitimate grounds for takings have been limited to more traditional ideas of what constitutes a "public good": bridges, highways, lighthouses, etc. Now, if the city council thinks the tax revenue from a new Walmart would serve the community more than your tree-lined street of family homes, you're out of luck. It's a fascinating case and I've only glanced at the full decision, but it's seems that the conservatives on the bench were in the dissent on this. It's not everyday I get to say, "You go, Scalia!"