Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oh, the problems of the first world.

The New York Times goes for the Pulitzer today with a piece on how to fly in style. You see, it turns out that when you're dressing for that flight to LAX, it might not be smart to be smart looking. You may suffer the indignity of being screened by the TAA. So that Hermes Belt - leave it at home - it's considered a lethal weapon (they told you that outfit would kill, but geez). And your Hugo Boss jacket might get caught in the x-ray machine (no! not my Boss!). Permission has now been granted en masse to dress like a slob on the plane. So next time Grandma waxes nostalgic about how airports used to be filled with ladies and gentlemen, all in their Sunday best - just shove the Gray Lady's Style Section in her face. I dare you.