Saturday, June 11, 2005

If You Build It....

In the NYT Op-Ed today, John Tierney observes that most big city mayors in America seem to think their main responsibility is to transform their cities into great entertainment centers. Tierney mainly focuses on NYC and Bloomberg's attempt to get a west side stadium built, but this syndrome has afflicted our good mayor as well. Mayor Daley gets alot of credit for cleaning up the city - but my question is, for who? River North, Navy Pier, and now Millenium Park are all great for getting Chicago mentioned in travel magazines, but are we - the good denizens - any better off for it? (yes, I did just diss our beloved Millenium Park. I love the Bean too, but lets all just admit the park is part of a larger problem) And sure, there are economic benefits from stadiums, tourist attractions, and convention centers. But in Chicago, you just know that most of the money never makes its way into the public coffers.

And remember, vote Daley.