Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Do you remember our national nightmare of peace and prosperity?

It's all coming back to me.

I just started reading The Survivor, the new political biography of Bill Clinton by John Harris of the Washington Post. Oh, how we used to love him so (you have to recall, this was years before we met Barack). The early chapters chronicling the 1992 primaries have been a trip down memory lane for me, taking me back to my political adolesence. I was a young idealist and the "seven dwarves" were all we had to choose from: Tsongas, Simon, Clinton, Brown, Wilder, Kerrey, and Harkin. What was a young college sophmore at Santa Cruz to do? Oooh how I hated that Tsongas from the get go. Wanted so much to root for Rhymin' Simon, but please - I was 19. Never really knew exactly who Wilder was (or is). So I went with the natural choice of someone in my demographic: Moonbeam Jerry Brown!!! Man, that was a wild ride. After all the other chumps threw in the towel, it was left to JB to make Clinton work off all those big macs. I even attend a rally for Brown, featuring the left wing stylings of Mr. Jane Fonda himself, Tom Hayden. We fought hard, but Clinton wanted that coffee bad and he knew how to close the deal. Anyway - the moral of this story is that in the spring of 92, Clinton was far from my idea of a first choice for the nomination. It wasn't until well after the convention that I found myself feeling any real enthusiasm for the campaign. Now, we tend to look back as if we loved him at first sight. Not so. We saved that for a skinny kid with a funny name from the south side of Chicago.