Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Chicagoist, Master of the Obvious.

Maybe Chicagoish would be a better name?

I read blogs. Lots of blogs. One of them is Chicagoist, which is the windy city's franchise of the Gothamist family of blogs. Now I find this blog to be useful and informative when it comes to covering upcoming concerts, festivals, etc. But too often it feels like whoever edits this blog has just moved to Chicago. Dare I say not a good tone to strike if you call yourself Chicagoist? Take yesterday's post about Stanley's Fruits and Vegetables. Apparently the author has just recently learned not only that Stanley's exists, but it has (gasp!) cheaper vegetables than Whole Foods!!! Come on, anyone worth a damn knows this, and you don't have to waste your time and mine by posting it and pretending it's some sort of news flash. It sounds like you don't know a thing about this town. I can't wait for tomorrow's special feature on the "El Train" that rides on special tracks and moves people all over the city. Or this weekends expose on how Wicker Park is changing.